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Working document for the Tamil bloggers FAQ project. Will be updated continously as the FAQ evolves

******Please note: The FAQs are under development. May not be accurate at this time *******

Monday, November 17, 2003

Things to work on further:

1. Blog format or Webpage format?
2. Hosting location. Are there any problems anticipated with Venkat's suggestion?
3. More volunteers are welcome!

posted by Kasi Arumugam  # 1:08 PM

Tamil Bloggers' FAQ Project

1. The FAQ will be created and maintained both in Tamil and English.

2. During the course of development the content will be prepared in English. Before publishing, Tamil translation will be made ready. All updates will be simultaneously done in both Tamil and English, to ensure that they are in sync with each other.

3. The FAQ will generally cover UNICODE encoding. However bloggers will be encouraged to ensure compatibility with TSCII encoding. Badri to comment

The Team coordinator: Kasi
Translation into Tamil : Badri 
Topics and contributing volunteers
General Blogs Topics
....Blog Host Services Vinobha 
....Feedback Services Selvaraj's Draft
....Showing images, Tables, Lists Mathy's Draft
....Counters/Statistic tools
....Links to Bloggers' FAQ on Web Vinobha to collect, Badri to translate

Tamil Specific
....Basic Template Requirements
....Font support, compatibility with OS/browser version  Kasi's draft
....Software for creating content Pari's draft
........Basic Text editors Pari
........Webpage editors Pari
....Dynamic Encoded Fonts Suratha
........How to make use of Umar's Theenee Suratha
........How to create your own and use Suratha
....Feedback Services that support Tamil Feedback  Selvaraj's draft

Basic Checklist for a successful Tamil Blog
_________________________ __________________________

posted by Kasi Arumugam  # 12:58 PM


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